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So many fruits on this planet of ours and yet so little time to find, pick, peel, de-seed, and taste 'em all.

Introducing the latest new (to me) taste: the horned melon or kiwano.

The outside is a yellow-orange splotched skin with actual spikes (rather like certain reptiles). The inside is most peculiar: arrays of cucumber-like seeds encased in tasty cucumber-sweet goo.


this is what happens when blog 1.0 meets web 2.0: an unintended radio silence. (if you don't mind evoking 20th-century comparisons in this 21st century of ours.) anyhow, a photo book full of pixels!

it was an overcast and moody day, weather-wise. but we humans were feeling festive. we'd escaped long hours of work for one day of exploring and freedom.

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Two recipes, one healthy and one less so. Care to guess which produced a tastier result?

First up was a kind of chocolate mousse involving avocados but no dairy and no chocolate. The result looked like the real thing; it tasted not at all like the sweet chocolatey goodness. Neither cinnamon nor honey masked the underlying flavor of avocado. So, rather a fail.
Avocados gone wild: avocado mousse with dark cocoa and cinnamon

Avocados gone wild: avocado mousse with dark cocoa and cinnamon

Second up was an oatmeal recipe that tipped the scales more in favor of taste. Do not let the use of oatmeal fool you into any delusions about the nutritional value of these spongy little pyramids. Healthy they are not. But they are good: nutty and spicy with a dusting of crunchy topping.

Oatmeal muffins

Toasted oat muffins with pecan-brown sugar crumble


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